Company History

Persistence is the key to business success

  • 2001

    The intense activity and the development process of concern started in 2001 when the corporation was formed and many big companies were involved in it.

  • 2003


    Since 2003 "Multi Gas" LLC became the part of "Multi Group" Concern. The company is engaged in compressed natural gas fueling of vehicles. More than 170 highly qualified professionals provide services in accordance with international standards, ensuring all safety rules.

  • 2006


    "Magas Invest" company, founded in January 2006, is the official representative of "Hyundai Motor" company in Armenia. The company realizes sales of Hyundai cars, genuine parts and accessories, as well as performs warranty and post-warranty services.

  • 2007


    Founded in 2007 and being the part of "Multi Group" Concern, "Global Motors" company is the representative of Lada automobiles in Armenia. The company is engaged in the import and sale of new Lada automobiles, as well as vehicle maintenance and spare part sales.

  • 2008


    In 2008, not far from the "Yerevan Ararat Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory" was established "Shustov" trading house, which started to continue story of 1863. The company not only revived the legendary name Nikolay "Shustov, but also created all the prerequisites to continue “Shustov” traditions, as the production of high-quality cognac, and non-standard methods of representing production.

  • 2009


    In September 2009, "Gorna Bania" Ltd joined to "Multi Group" Concern, Armenia. With its high quality products BC Gorna Bania has become quickly one of the leading producers of bottled mineral and table water and carbonated soft drinks in Bulgaria. To facilitate customers the company have well organized distribution network, own warehousing facilities and considerable motor fleet. 

  • 2010


    Since 2010 Armenian-Belarusian "Ar-Be" trade house became the part of "Multi Group" Concern. Тrading house «Ar-Be» LLC started its activity in the Republic of Armenia in 2010. The main activity is the development of wholesale and retail trade of agricultural machinery, household complex technical products, tires, furniture, consumer manufactured goods and food products.

  • 2011


    In 2011 Mr. Tsarukyan bought all bonds of "Kotayk" Brewery, including it composition of the Concern. Due to Czech equipment and technologies, the factory successfully manufactures products using domestic and imported raw materials.

  • 2013


    In 2013 began the construction of Olympic borough in Davitashen district by the initiative and sponsorship of National Olympic Committee President Gagik Tsarukyan. At the end of September, 2015 the personnel of National Olympic Committee moved to the building which is already put in operation. Olimpavan constructed only on means of the president of NOCA Gagik Tsarukyan represents a huge sport base in the size 7500km. In the same year "Onira Club" was entered to the group of Concern, which is represents leisure and entertainment complex "Pharaoh".

  • 2015


    On April 28, 2015 was the grand opening ceremony of "Arinj Mall", which was attended by Gagik Tsarukyan, who came to share the joy of the employees. He was completing his support, and promised that 3 consecutive years will not be levied any rent for pavilions. On August 25, 2015 the most wholesale trade center "Arinj Mall" soon expanded its activity through the opening of more than 70 new pavilions.

  • 2016


    The charter capital of Concern during its activities from 50,000 drams (1998) has increased by about 138 times, and now it amounts to 6 billion 888 million drams. The total quantity of employees working in dozens of companies managed by "Multi Group" Concern exceeds 25,000. In recent years, according to the sum of taxes paid by companies of "Multi Group", Concern takes a regularly place in the top ten list of largest taxpayers of Armenia.

  • 1998


    "Multi Group" Concern was established in 1998 by Gagik Tsarukyan.