Information about regulated activities

"Multi Group" Concern manages many companies that operate in different sectors of the economy. Concern is implementing companies’ overall management and coordination of activities. The companies managed by "Multi Group" Concern are operating not only in Armenia but also abroad. Russian Federation, Belarus, Latvia, Bulgaria. There are a number of companies managed by the "Multi Group" in these countries, too.

"Gore Banya" LTD in Bulgaria is engaged in the production and bottling of mineral water and juices and is considered a leader in the industry. "Armenian Standard" company in Belarus engaged in the production of brandy. "Multi Group" Concern has purchased the former Riga hotel in Latvia, which is now called GRAND HOTEL RIGA KEMPINSKI and managed by the world famous Kempinski Group. The company operating as a part of "Multi Group" Concern engaged in the production of alcoholic drinks, which are presented under trademark of Kremlin.